Hey guys, Im nick, and i have a band with a buddy of mine. Im 17, he's 18, and i play guitar/bass/sing and he's on drums/piano. I have a little half studio deal at my house haha, but its pretty low budget, and we have 1 drum mic. so be merciful. Recently we've been making pop sensible rock songs (or reverse that), but we have 2 new songs that we very recently recorded, and decided to go in a harder direction with some elements we've never incorporated. Listen to 1 or both if you want, and your feedback is invaluable..so C4C. Appreciated guys, I hope to hear from you.

"Fall Apart" and "Up in Arms"
Sound cool.

I like all of the different styles you cram into one song Fall Apart is my favourite.

The piano sounds abit weird at times the way it copies the vocals but other than that its great
dude you guys sound really good. you have a very unique sound that i havent heard. the vocals are really good and its a great quailty recording.
Yeah that was good quality stuff, nice tone on the guitars, good keyboards, and whichever of you was singing has a pretty nice voice...you guys definately have the potential to go somewhere so keep doin it
Not bad man. The guitars are really quiet though.
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