Well I'm lookin at gettin a little beater car to take me places. What's a good, cheap reliable car that's not too bad on gas? I'm talking like a kid's first car.
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im thinkin about gettin a used toyota corolla, a 90's model
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try a used grand am, extremely reliable
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subaru all wheel drive decent gas, lives forever, mines been in three accidents
(not by me of course) its 11 years old it has 185,000 miles and it can take a beating
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Ford Tauras?

It has been the starter of both my brother and my sister.

The first one lasted a couple years.
And I think the one my sister just got is gonna last a while too.

They both were used and old and stuff. I think they'd do what you're looking for.
Both were over ten years old.
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Vauxhall Corsa.
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Where are you, what's your budget?

New Mexico, anything under $1500
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honda civic, toyota corolla, nissan altima, scion tc, honda fit, toyota matrix, ford focus, chevrolet cobalt, subaru impreza, mitsubishi lancer, ford fusion, acura legend, toyota camry, honda accord, volkswagen jetta, old lexus is250, old bmw 3-series, mazda 3, mazda 6, v6 dodge challenger, 4-cylinder dodge charger, v6 ford mustang, bmw 1-series, etc.

there are a lot of great entry-level, affordable, stylish, and reliable cars out there.
you just gotta find the one that fits your style.

EDIT: $1500!!!!!!! i'd get a honda civic...


I think this one looks really cool and funky. small 2-door hatch with character!
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Volkswagen Golf. I'd get one. But I'm saving to buy a Mitsubishi, even though reliability sucks for the 01-02 Eclipse.
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I'd go with an accord. My '94 is running great, no major problems in 14 years. You could pick up a used one pretty cheap. And the mileage is great, i'm getting +35 mpg highway
Nissan Micra?
Vauxhall Corsa?
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?
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