Hey this is a song I wrote for my girlfriend, I was wondering what the world thinks of it. Please comment.

When I look into your eyes, it makes me think of life, on Mars,
When I hold you high, it makes me think of life, in the stars.
Every time I see you, it's an out of this world experience,
It makes me so delirious. When I'm with you there's no one else alive

So come on baby, be my firefly.

You lead me through the dark of night. You light up my path and keep me alive.
For all the lost souls out there, get a firefly, don't be scared. Let it lead you through the dark, growing from a tiny spark. C'mon baby be me light.

So come on baby, be my firefly.

You have a fire burning deep inside, keep it kindled and keep it alive.
When thunder and lightning struck your heart, giving it the tiny spark,
It needed to create an inferno of love,
That, you feel.

So when the tears are falling and the earth is stalling, and everything's standing still.
When the heart is breaking and the lies are shaking, I know you always will, be with me.

So come on baby, and be my firefly.

Well yeah, that's. Tell me what you think.

Adios, Max
the verses are really really good, your chorus tho...... im pretty sure 8 words wont do for a chorus lol, if you improve the chorus, beautiful love song
Hope she's easy to please....

Not bad, but really, really cliche. If she really digs you ,though, she should be beside herself.
Haha, yeah, I know it's cliche, but i was really bored one day so I decided to write her a song, and yes, she is really into me.