I found a used alvarez at my local guitar center for $330. The model number was AJ50s. It also had an emg-acs already installed in it. ($180) Anyone know anything about this guitar or how much it's worth new?

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i don't know about this exact guitar but i used to have an alvarez that was 300 and it played incredibly. Now i have an Alvarez Yairi and i will never need another guitar again. Absolutely in love with it. I think you will quickly learn it was a great purchase. congradulations and have fun with it and play the hell out of it
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alvarez guitars are the best for the money imo. Ive got two (one 6 string, one a 10 year old 12 string) and both play and sound great. At my bands last show I got to use the other guitar players Martin for a song and i definatly didnt think it was much, if any, better. You just made a good purchase.
You really can't go wrong with Alvarez. Its been my experience they are the best bang for your buck out there. Throughout the whole price rang of their products, all are amazing.
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