I'm a solo musician and would greatly appreciate some constructive criticism. Jacob's Dream is the newest and by far the best song, the other 3 are older and cover a range of genres. I am a Christian artist though I've been leaning toward instrumentals lately due to a lack of vocal ability. Thanks for your time and help your willing to offer.

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In both jacobs dream and lucifers decent, there is a very atmospheric feel to them. It really paints a picture in your head. Your sound is quite dynamic.
in cries from a generation your instruments dont seem to fit together. And in praise you the vocals are a tad out of tune. My Favorite is definantly jacobs dream. Keep up the good work!

Listening to Lucifer's Descent, there seem to be some heavy timing issues, and it could be mixed better (rhythm guitar is too loud, drums are too quiet), but it sounds good, and I like the keys towards the end!
A few mixing issues but overall, I really like the atmospheric feel. Jacobs Dream is a winner!

If you like, you could send me the raw tracks and I could remix it and do some rudimentary mastering. It would really make a difference.

PM me if you wanna give it a shot

I'd like to hear some of these rerecorded too. Would be pretty sweet!

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what did you record the drums on?

by any chance was it like.. guitar hero or something?
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