I play a Jackson DKMG with and EMG 80 at the bridge and an 89 at the neck. I use a Boss ME-50 pedal and a Roland Cube-30 amp, although I also had access to a Marshall MG100FX for a while, but I don't anymore. I've been doing some recording, and I've found that regardless of what I try, the distorted guitar always sounds digital, tinny and generally unpleasant. Everything else (other instruments) comes out just fine, so it's not a recording problem, though it might be worth pointing out that I have used line-in for most of this.

The kind of sound I'm trying to achieve is a good, heavy, metal-type distortion, with a good deal of bass. Normally the sound comes out ok from the amp itself. Unfortunately I've found that in order to have the recording not clip like a madman, I really have to turn the bass down a good deal. I've tried miking the amp with a Shure PG57, but the result isn't significantly better, really.

Also, the recording equipment I have includes a Behringer mixer, an RCA/USB interface and Audacity. (This might be a topic better suited to the recording thread, only I didn't see anything like "Help, my guitar sounds crap..." as a sub-thread, so...).

Anyway, the question is basically if I can actually remedy this using the equipment I own, or if I would have to buy something else. A friend of mine recommended a Line 6 POD, but a) A lot of the user reviews I've read didn't take to it and b) I haven't really got the budget for one.

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this, it's been irritating me for a while now.
have you tried lowering the recording input? then you won't have to compromise on your tone. also where are your mids set at?
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If could very well be audacity, in my opinion it really can't handle a metal distortion very well.

You could try recording using without as much gain or try a different recording software.
you might get more answers over in Riffs and Recordings forum but have you messed with the high and low pass filters in audacity?

what happens when you record strait from Boss Me to PC?
what happens when you record with out Boss and just amp and mic?
Quote by Blompcube
have you tried lowering the recording input?


Go into your volume controls on your computer and lower the value for your microphone input (make sure you're lowering the value for your RCA/USB microphone input, and not something else).

-1 to the guy who suggested using a pass filter.
Thanks for the replies.
My mids are a little left of the centre, if that's a bad setting position, what might anyone suggest is a good EQ setting for metal? Is it perhaps a problem of too much treble making it whiny and not enough mids to fill in the space in the middle (as you'd expect).

I tried lowering my input, and the difference is only marginal. I'm assuming that the idea is to lower it, get a better sound and amplify it afterwards...I can only reduce the input on the mixer controls, the RCA/USB doesn't have any volume controls on the PC.

Are there any other free/really cheap but good recording softwares out there?

Taking either the pedal or the amp out of the equation only serves to make the sound worse. The pedal on its own is tinnier and more digital-ey than otherwise (although it works well for clean). The amp's distortion doesn't sound good either. As for hard pass filters, I have tried a bit, but honestly I don't understand most of the effects on Audacity as it is.
Use the mic for recording. You won't get a great sound right away, though. You'll have to do a lot of experimenting with the position of the mic. Also, try to keep the levels in audacity at about -8 db to avoid clipping.
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Have you tried a different guitar? Actives pickups often don't work well with solid state.

That's what I was thinking, but I'm no recording guru.