Someone help me out, please. I play electric guitar and I recently found out that my school will be holding concerts that start students. I thought it would be cool to sign up for it.

I've been playing for about a year but I wasn't progressing quickly in skill until recently. I told the teacher this and he said it's no problem and the by the time winter/spring concerts come around, I should be ready to perform.

BUT, I still have to audition. I REALLY need a song to play. Just me, my guitar (hand-made by my uncle. It's some hardcore shit. I'll post pics later ) and an amp.

So...any suggestions?

P.S.: Yes, I did look at the stickied threads, but a lot of those songs are gay as hell.
Ok. I have an idea. idk how good you are, but if you're feeling ambitious, a good solo guitar song is "Vamo Allo Flamenco" by Nobuo Uematsu/The Black Mages. There are parts which are played by synth/keys in the original recording, but those can, and often have been, transcribed quite simply for guitar.
We Are One by Buckethead and Serj Tankian (or however you spell his name). A lot of really fun guitarparts in that song, plus it's cool as ****

Here's the song I played guys! It was pretty cool. The audition went fine and the 1st concert will be on Oct. 16th. >.<

EDIT: Yes, I know it's an acoustic song and I play electric...but it still owned.
What's the hardest song you can play (clean) so far?

I'll tell you a song based on your reply.
Quote by Faded Grey
What's the hardest song you can play (clean) so far?

I'll tell you a song based on your reply.

Well...I can play these (It's not very hard, I know >.<:

Bloc Party - Sunday

Bloc Party - Sunday (Guitar Solo)

Bloc Party - Sunday (Acoustic Version)

Bloc Party - Helicopter

Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze Don't know it completely yet.

There are more songs but they are mostly chord songs.

Now you may notice most on the songs are by Bloc Party (a little obsession, I guess), but I want to play more bluesy stuff now. So can anyone help?