Alright guys, I'm just here to toss around Ideas.
I've wanted to build a guitar in the past couple of months now. I've been tossing a few ideas around...
I've been keeping my eyes on Warmoth's finished showcase bodies because they look really nice, but they're a little expensive for me; 270-600$ for a finished body, minus parts and neck is a little much, even if they are nice pieces. Their unfinished bodies are nice too, but I guess I should try looking elsewhere. Grizzly's kit guitars, Mighty Mite and WD music come to mind. Any experience with these guys? (or Warmoth, for that matter?)
Unfortunately, these other guys don't offer the hollow body Strats/Tele's that I was so keen on...

Finding decent Parts for cheap (and a neck, but I keep seeing really nice finished necks go by on craigslist for 70-150) are kind of limiting me. I was considering just buying a Mexi Strat, swapping the body out, finish it myself, maybe, and calling it done. That's still a little pricey, and I'd also have an extra body to get rid of.

Then I got the idea of building a baritone guitar after finding a baritone neck on CL. That piqued my interest... Ideal build would be a Warmoth hollowbody Tele with a bigsby and a baritone neck. That's really pricey, especially since Bigsby's aren't cheap.

Another novelty that struck my mind, order/buy a bolt on baritone neck, and swap it out with a hollowbody (something like an Epiphone DOT) to make the purists cry. There are huge problems with that idea, though. Hollowbodies are typically set necks. I've been unable to find a bolt-on example of a hollowbody. I wonder if a guitar like a DOT or ES-355 can be effectively converted to a bolt on neck and still be playable... (literally cut out the neck, and rout the dovetail to bolt-on spec.) I wonder if neck angle would be a significant problem... Ideally I'd have found a guitar with a Bigsby (sorry, hardtails and TOM's just aren't my thing).

I know I could just simplify the matter and BUY a Fender Baritone... but C'mon, that's not fun, is it?

Anyways. Build Propositions:
Warmoth/Mexi Strat Partscaster. Hollowbody Strat with mexi hardware and neck.
Warmoth/Mexi Strat Partscaster. Mexi Body (strat or tele), with Warmoth Baritone neck. Bigsby?
Semi-hollow bolt-on conversion. Bigsby?

Any suggestions? Care to tell me I'm out of my mind? Go right ahead.
Any particular reason you want a bolt-on? A hollowbody has plenty of snap as it is, why not do a set neck?
Other than that I have to admit I'm intrigued.
Bolt on because building a baritone neck is a not a snap. I imagine converting to bolt on would be easier than building an entirely new neck, and then dovetailing it in to the old joint.
that plan sounds pretty solid, although i cant say it would be easy to have a bolt on on a hollow bodied guitar (well a gibson type hollow body, fender you probably could)

but if you're that invested into the idea, you could just simply make a hollow bodied tele thinline, not really too hard because its not an arched top. it would be cheaper too if you had the means to make it good. plus you could make it to baritone specs, which is good.

i've always wanted to build a baritone, but i could never justify it for like 3 songs.
Aesthetics (as with any other instrument) are a huge consideration. For reason, F-holes on fender instruments just don't look right to me. The hollow bodied strat/tele 's were to be chambered bodies, not f-hole bodies.

When I see f-holes, I think archtop... Something along the lines of a ES330, DOT, Casino, or any Gretsch, or even Oscar Schmidt. Thinlines just aren't my thing. Besides, who doesn't want to see an Epiphone Baritone DOT?

Any Semi-hollow could conceivably withstand the rigors of a bolt-on conversion, right?