im starting a studio and getting a presonus firestudio project.
it comes with cubase le 4.

i read these stats on le 4.

Audio Tracks


MIDI Tracks



Instrument Tracks


when it says 8 instrument tracks, does that mean i can only have 8 different tracks that come from a mic?
for example, if i use 8 microphones micing up the drums and i record the drums, i will not be able to record guitar / bass / vocals on top of this? i would have to settle for 4-5 mics on the drums just to be able to record guitar and stuff,....?

please clear this up for me
I'm pretty sure it means it only supports the use of 8 different vst instruments simultaneously. Vst instruments are virtual, so this wouldn't put any limitations on the amount of mics you could use.
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well if you are recording guitars, vocals, and drums all at the same time, then you cant have more than 8 tracks recording. you can record up to 48 tracks in cubase (which you wont ever) you can record 8 mics on the drums, then do guitars and vocals separate from the drums.
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