So i'm doing myself a pedal build. And everythings going so far and it's got to enclosure time.

How the hell do you drill into metal?

Well i've got fair experience of drilling into various plastics, i just don't know if it's anything different or not

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Cheers, Tom
Under ideal circumstances, with a drill press using a lubricated bit designed for the task.
Its probably aluminum so not going to need any sort of special high priced bits. I use a drill press but a hand drill will work.
Well i could see if i could use my school's drill press. And wouldn't a hand drill be quite tricky?
That's the thing. A hand drill doesn't offer a bit of the precision and power of a press.
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I just used a normal hand held drill to drill a heap of aluminum when I built a pedal train rip off
it wont be but it would be a good idea to start with a smaller drillbit with the hand drill and then gradually larger bits
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first go google unibit. then go buy/order one.

or go ahead and do it the really hard and time consuming way already described above. your call.

unibits come in all sorts of different sizes so just find the one that makes the different size holes you want for knobs, leds, switches and whatnot.