I need a new cell phone, and I was hoping I could get some recommendations. It needs to be able to connect to wifi (like the iPhone). That's actually the main reason I'm getting a new phone. And music isn't a big deal at all. I don't listen to music on my phone, I always have my 120 gb ipod so a 4gb music cell phone is not what I want. I just need a good phone with wifi. I would prefer touch screen, but a keypad is alright too. And it has to work with Verizon Wireless.
Thanks for reading and for any suggestions
How about going to Verizon's website and seeing what phones they're set up with?

Or search for reviews like these?
So it seems like you just want a normal phone. I'm sure 99% of all phones have internet if your plan allows it. I suggest the Voyager.
Verizon Samsung. The one that flips both ways. I love it.

The Voyager is good, too, like Paranoia said.

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Probably not one of your considerations, but stay away from the KRZR. It's balls.
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Treo Pro?

You guys. He needs wifi. Not phones that go through the network.
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Yeah I have the krzr right now. And to The_Paranoia, yeah my phone right now will let me connect to the internet, but it's expensive as balls. I get charged by the minute. I want something more based around wifi hotspots like the iphone so the amount of time I spend online doesn't matter.

Thanks for all suggestions, I'm checking them out

i dono i havent been in touch with phones for a while..

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get the iphone unlocked.
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