I play somewhere every friday with a band and i have no pedals,no effects or anything for myself besides my guitar and amp. I was wondering what a good set up would be,i usually use my friends but i really want to get my own. I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio.
what effects do u want to, or use of ur friends?
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you didn't realy give to much info....but I'm guna say a volume pedal would be usefull no matter what amp or genre your playing. If your playin a high gain amp, I'd suggest a noise gate of some sort.
Give more info and we can give more advice.
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i know next to nothing about effects,the amp varies but i usually use a fender blues deluxe amp. And i play rock.

It would be nice to have a wah,reverb,distortion pedalmand delay.
noise gate is very important, tuner, whatever distortion fits the style of music you play, anything is personal taste really. also, in my opinion compressors are pointless for live guitar, never seen anyone use one

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my essential pedals for all genres:
Overdrive, or boost, or any gain preamp(i.e. switch, knob, pedal)
Possibly a tuner if you want to play live

depending on the style of music you play, you may want to look into phasers of flangers or delay. i think phasers rea the most usefull of those three.

distortion is useless. justuse amp distortion please. save some money.

reverb, compression are both useless if you play live. you get natural reverb in a room, and compresion is mostly a studio trick thing.
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A noise gate isn't quite a nesesity with the amp your useing, but still wouldn't be a bad idea.
'rock' is kind of broad....but I'm guna say get a nice overdrive. Reverb comes in handy, just whatever you feel would help your sound the most
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.