ok guys, ive been umming and aahing about my second amp for about 3 months now.

i play metal and hard rock (SOAD, Disturbed, Lamb of God etc) and im looking for the good edgy, crunchy tone for my style

my budget is around $1000, and i really like the Vox valvetronics AD100VT. the problem is, it doesnt sound that great on low volume for practice in my bedroom, but i want an amp that will be able to heard over a drummer for in the future.

then next time i go to the store im going to try out a few distortion pdeals with the vox and see if it sounds better.

OK, lets sum things up...

Would u reccomend the Vox?
If not, what other amp?

(what about spider valve 112?)

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I'd recommend a used Mesa Boogie or Peavey 6505/5150.

yep...and Soadriff where do you live?

i don't personally have anything against that vox VT or the spider valve, i just don't like them.

is this for gigging (anything with drummer) or just home?

SH*T - i just re-read your down under. AUS. uuummm, does this link help give you some ideas or no?