Read title... I'm wondering if it's still a pain in the ass to drop one string down a mere 2 frets with a Floyd Rose Tremolo.

Offhand but still relevant, Fender's tremolo does not have the same tuning difficulty as a floyd rose, correct?
no... buy that EVH d-tuna thing for it. all you gotta do is pull a lil thing and your in drop d!
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My Floyd is actually alot more stable than my fender's whammy. Drop D shouldn't be a big deal at all. May have to adjust a spring a bit, but nothing more. My soloist is tuned to D Standard right now, and it's doing fine, with a little adjusting of the springs in the back.
Nah, just drop it with the fine tuners on the bridge. My lead guitarist and I have songs in both D standard and Drop C so we fluctuate a lot. It takes him a whole 2 seconds to drop it, and with no trouble at all.

Also about the Fender tremolos. They aren't locking systems so there aren't any fine tuners on the bridge and don't have a locking nut. You simply string them through the back of the guitar and tune using the tuning pegs. So that makes them a bit easier to string as well as change tunings if you want to do more than just drop a string 2 steps.

Hope that helped

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I do it all the time, leaving E and A permanently unlocked.
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That D-Tuna seems like a lifesaver. Thanks all for the input.