scary poo poo
post the scariest, creepiest, spookiest, most shit your pants images/text/anything you have.

I'm drunk as flying **** and I think there should be a thread dedicated to this scary shit.
I would post something but I'm on my friends laptop so I can't go find shit.

go go go
There is. Search for "Creepypasta."
whathefedit: I meant "Mindfuck," but the Creepypasta thread is scary as well.
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Raping her in front of other people would be morally wrong.

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wtf290 uses make bubbles feel like crap
Its super effective!
there is a scary thread.....
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Call me troll, call me psychopath. In the end, I shall stand above you all as you drown in a pool of sex and filth. It will explode your corrupted bodies, and I will walk above the wreckage as a pure man.

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Haggard13 i are impressed
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there is a scary thread.....

ah I see that now

can a mod close this or something please?#

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you type good for being drunk

I attempt to look over everything, as I hate sounding like a retard

might aswell make some effort
you can close it yourself, go to edit your original post and select the remove post option
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be the music, not the scene
Who the fuck gets drunk and goes on UG? FAGGET LOLOLOLOLZ

just kidding I'm drunk too
Here's what the critics are saying about Hanzi_G:

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Hanzi_G = god damned prophet.

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Who the fuck gets drunk and goes on UG? FAGGET LOLOLOLOLZ

just kidding I'm drunk too

it's 3:30 am, there is ****ing NOTHING to do

I wish I could type immaculately while drunk.

All I have is an amazing ability to go up and down stairs.