New here - any crit is appreciated (just discovered the site today....)

Voices Matter

Satisfied we’re terrified
Finding out it’s all a lie
Blinded by the money high
Stifled from the ****ing right
Smiling when we’re dead inside
Posing as though civilized

We all want our voice to matter
We all want our voice to matter
We all want our voice to matter

Victory is all we need
Suddenly it’s clear to see
Stealing makes a people free
We’re for you but shame on me
Welcome to UGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

Anyhow, for a song it's awfuly short, so you would have to have a lot of repitition, good instrumental parts, or just have a really short song

The verses - if you are aiming towards punk, the first will work very well. You really don't need to rhyme every line, though. It sounds just a touch forced.
The second seems a tad aimless. I really can't see a point to it.

The chorus - Yeah, this sounds like a punk song. Group shout, anyone? Not original, but effective.

Again, welcome. This has potential, keep on it.
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Thanks for your crit on mine. I like the emotion behind your piece. I think the first verse is pretty good, although the last line doesn't flow that well for me. Could you change it to 'Smiling as though we're civilized', I think that would add something with the repition and flow.

Chorus seems fine, although as its one line repeated it depends on how it's sung. I think the second verse is much weaker than the first. The lines aren't as original, and with the last two, I'm not even sure what you're getting at.

Good luck on the piece and the site!