in college football, auburn ( the 9th ranked team in college football) beat mississippi state 3-2. and yes i mean american football...3-2
k koo'
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wow, thats an...interesting score combination. field goad and 1 safety?

EDIT: i stand corrected
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wow, thats an...interesting score combination. field goad and 2 safetys?

One safety, worth 2 points.
i saw that... that game must have sucked.
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yeah i watched that, very interesting, now im watching my beloved buckeyes get raped......

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Yeah, I was there, disappointing game, our (state's) offense didn't do shit but our defense did amazing given the circumstances.

Now I'm off to drink the pain away.
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3-2? Really?

In other news, the Trojans are killing the much-hated Buckeyes (at least by me). It's a good day.