This is very serious and I am in a very bad mood and if someone could help me it would put me in such a good mood you have no idea. Today I spent several hours building a pick up out of a piezo element. The next time I do this, it will probably only take only ten minutes because I am new to electronics and I had to figure a bunch of things out. It was my first time soldering anything. I plugged it into my amp and tapped it and taped it to some random things and it works perfectly. I decided to put it inside my piano. I put it in there, and out of my amp came the piano which was boring because I could already hear the piano fine. So I decided to plug all of my pedals in, too. I think maybe all of my story before this is entirely irrelevant, but I just want to explain the situation properly. First I plugged in only my distortion pedal (RAT), because it is battery powered, and it sounded awesome, so I decided to drag in the rest of my pedals. I hooked them all up (Big old volume pedal, 70's VOX Wah, EX Memory Man, EX Pulsar, Boss Chromatic Tuner, RAT distorsion) and tried it out only to find no signal.

I have tried different cables, I have tried different amps, I have tried different instruments, and I have tested each one individually. All of the pedals except the volume pedal have stopped working, including the RAT, which I had been playing through with no problems 15 minutes earlier. When an effect is not on, a clean signal goes through (except on the Tuner, which makes sense relative to the situation). When I turn the effect on, no signal comes through at all. I have been testing it with instruments and by tapping the cable head. Nothing. I was able to get one strange sound out of my Wah-Wah pedal. When It is on and in the lowest position (to to send the lowest frequencies), and I turn the volume nob on my guitar all the way up, a strange loud high frequency hum can be heard that does not change at all if I play something.

I do not see why it would be an electrical pedal either, because the Wah and the RAT are both battery powered pedals. The volume pedal, which does not require electricity, still works fine, so I just have no idea. I do not know much about electronics.


This may seem like a daft question but do your pedals have a power supply - are they plugged in/have batteries? I know it seems stupid but you say that your volume pedal, which doesn't need a battery, works fine.
My wah did this exact same thing after I did a simple mod to it. I rebuilt it 5 times and used the parts to build another wah which didn't work either. At least I share your pain...

Dead batteries? Too much current draw from a power brick? Volumes turned down?
Similar thing happend to me buddy.

I was using a chorus pedal with a DIY accoustic pickup made from a peizo and suddenly everything stoped working.

I spent hours trying to find out waht was wrong with my pedal... Turns out the solder join on the pickup had fallen of...

Try re soldering/making another.

EDIT: I actually finished reading it. Have you tried just using one at a time?

EDIT again: With your wah. Mine did that to when i used the home made pickups. It turns out i busted a capacitor. Jim if your still online try explaining. Im to damned tired
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Sorry, Idk how you can bust a cap with just a piezo element. I didn't use a piezo with my wah.

The cap was already busted. But it did the exact same thing that hes talking about with is wah. One strange sound. I think the piezo was unrelated. just a coincidence. Look i had 2 hours sleep and just woke up, ok?

Open up your wah and poke around with a Multi meter?
Eh. Sorry.

If you are still talking about my wah, I salveged the important stuff and just chucked the board. I'll use the shell for a Kay T-1 tremolo build.

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Eh. Sorry.

If you are still talking about my wah, I salveged the important stuff and just chucked the board. I'll use the shell for a Kay T-1 tremolo build.


I was talking about MY wah
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You MUST be tired.

Should i stop talking? Haha...

EDIT: Wah isn't really my thing (If you couldnt tell already). I took it into a guitar tech and he said a cap was fried. That's as far as my knowledge of wah circuits goes
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You really should say what it was... that way if anyone has this issue later on they can find another opinion.
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I figured it out: I'm really dumb. I'm not even going to say what it was. Thanks for trying to help though!

Nope, you have to tell us, I wanna know
check if your power supply has an exposed wire. That's what happened to me when my dog chewed through my daisy chain.
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i bet he mixed his inputs with his outputs and basically had everything hooked up backwards, which should allow for signal to go through clean but disappear when he tried to turn the effects on.