I am guessing they are barre chords, but I can't get the middle/ring/pinky fingers positioned correctly. For the first chord I have come up with ring on D, middle on G and pinky trying badly to double stop on B and E, but it feels extremely awkward and wrong.

i play it with my thumb

thumb on A string (7 fret)
middle on D(9 fret)
index on G(8 fret)
ring and pinky on b and e(9 fret)

its awkward but SRV was a great player who could do awkward

the second chord is much easier

use thumb for the E note (12 fret), mute out the A string and use normal fingering.
Don't play the root.

Also, for they're 6 chords. It's easy to play them with the root on the 6th string, but they aren't barres.
I do a little of both of the above posts, I drop the root from the 1st chord and and use my thumb for the root of the 2nd chord.
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I've never seen that first chord correctly transcribed, including tabs here on UG, and even in guitar mags, songbooks.

If you have the live at El Mocambo dvd, there's a nice shot of him playing it, it looks like this:


fingering is middle finger on sixth string, pinky barred across top two strings.

The second chord you have is correct. SRV played that with middle finger on sixth string also.