I've really been wanting a harmonizer recently, so I've been looking at a few, and I wanted to ask a few questions.

1. How good is the tracking on the Digitech Whammy? I've heard some say it's terrible, and wanted to see what the general consensus was.

2. How good is the new(ish?) Digitech HarmonyMan? Is it worth the extra $100?

3. Are there any other harmonizers on the market that are any good?

I've also looked at the Micro POG, but since it's only octaves, I've been kinda leaning towards the other two that I've mentioned.

Thanks in advance.
The tracking on the Whammy is just fine. What I think everyone that's on about the tracking is talking about is the shifting in between normal and octaves and such.

^ That's just kinda ignorant. Tom uses the Whammy 1, which is known for having great tracking and sounding just overall better, but it also costs a lot more. Think around 4/500 USD. What the TS would be getting would be a Whammy 4, which is quite a bit different.
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Remember that the Whammy is a "dumb" harmonizer, it only does intervals. The Boss harmonizer and the Digitech Harmonyman both do intelligent harmonizing too (that means it'll harmonize you in A or Em or whatever you choose).
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The boss ps-5 does harmonies and it's only $150 but I don't know about tracking on it as i have'nt played one so you may want to try before you buy.
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The PS-5 in not even in the same league as the Digitech HarmonyMan. I owned a PS-5 for a couple of years, but the quality of the tracking and harmony tone was lame to say the least. I never used it live for this reason, although it was fun to use at home. On the other hand, the HarmonyMan tracks so well that you won' believe it. And the tone and smoothness of the shifted harmony voices are so good that you can solo them. I use the HarmonyMan in gigs all the time now and it has not let me down yet.


By the way, all the people who say Eventide is so great- have you even used one? They are not that great. Expensive yes, but the quality is not as good as everyone makes them out to be. In my opinion, the HarmonyMan has better tracking and tone than any eventide product. And yes I have used Eventide harmonizers many times in the studio.
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you said you looked at the micro pog, but have you looked at the regular one? or the HOG? i havent tried the HOG (cant find one) but the POG is great. i thought the tracking was pretty damn good, but then again i was aiming more for a synthy sound than just harmonies. the pog is just octaves (and octaves detuned) while the HOG does octaves and fifths. may not be exactly what you are looking for, but they are fun pedals.