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I may be soon getting a kaoss korg 2 pad... probably not for a while but who knows. I was wondering how I get it into my guitar. Would I need a special thingy or does it come with manual stuff. Also are there any Kaoss or MIDI pads that are specifically made for electric guitars?
lol. They aren't made to be installed in a guitar, rather inventive people have just decided to do such mods. No one here is going to explain it to you, it's not a simple process. I'm guessing you are looking to emulate Bellamy.
yah pretty much and i didnt think they were for guitars. And actually at the beginning i said i was getting one but last night i thought that if i was gonna put one in my guitar and write a song with it then that wouldn't be very cool considering its someone elses unique idea
Well Matt doesn't use it ALL the time, and i believe he only has 1 guitar with a kaoss pad in it at the moment. There is always the EHX Micro Synth pedal thing which can give you a lot of sounds. Granted, not as many as the KP2 but it's still an option. I have no idea how much a KP2 runs but the micro synth is $277 USD.
i think matt has three guitars with a kaoss pad, or at least he did in the haarp dvd.
and technically, it's just the screen he has in the guitar(s), the pad is with the rest of his pedals. it's actually not even the pad from the kaoss pad in the guitar, it's just a copy of the touch screen part (i think, thats what it seems like) in his guitar, and unlike the KP mod that unmaintained website, his uses a midi cable, so he can use wireless and wander around and jump off stuff without being tangled up with everything.

perhaps this will help? http://mansonguitars.co.uk/Muse%20gallery/index.htm

edit: i changed two to three; theres one he only uses once on map of the problematique (i think). at least on the haarp dvd.
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Really the idea behind the kaoss pad mod is to take the screen out of the pad, and stick it in your guitar and then create an extended ribbon to connect the two.

This means that you will have two wires sticking out of your guitar (the ribbon hooked up to the the kaoss pad electronics and the other one hooked up to your general effects chain). A big question is how to turn the pad into a wireless pad, so you just have a guitar's normal input cable hooked without needing an extra ribbon cable, this is impossible unless you can change the pad's output into a midi signal and run it through a wireless midi output.

Also, the lights in the pad won't work anymore, you will have to do custom lights yourself. That is also mentioned at the end of unmaintained's thread.

You will either have to have access to a router or have a very good proficiency with the chisel and drill. Unless you are experianced with shaping guitar bodies, this will not be easy at all.
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sorry for asking a stupid question, but what does the Kaoss pad actually do? I know Matt uses one in a few guitars (I'm a Muse fan), but...er...what does it do exactly?
A kaoss pad is basically an effects pedal that is controlled with a a pad. The pad is divided into 4 sectors (X+, X-, Y+, Y-) which you should be familiar with if you have had any experiance with graphing. The pad basically takes an effect, and uses the screen to control two aspects of it.

THe best way to imagine how it works is if it had a tone/volume effect where moving your finger up and down raises and lowers your volume, while left and right boosts and cuts your mids.

The pad's main effects focus on synthisizers, with the x/y axis controling various aspects such as sustain and decay rate.

Matt Bellamy's favorite use of the pad is to get those squeeling effects of his. This is done by finding a random effect (i can't remember if it is a Fuzz effect or a synth, I know he has a built in fuzz pedal on his black manson that he uses it for) and using the kaoss pad to control its sustain.
Squier frankenbass
LTD Deluxe EC-1000 in Vintage Black
1960's Banjuke