Like the millionth time this has been asked, I should know the answer.....but I haven't seen this "twist" on the question. I have a Gibson Firebird Studio with .12-.52's on, and it's currently tuned to Eb (half step down) I love the sound of D standard/Drop C, but even with the 12's, they feel too loose to me. The action is fine, any higher and it wouldn't work at all. Is there anything I can do, or is it just something I have to cope with? I've seen some hybrid set's like .11-.56, but would that help at all? The higher strings buzz too, not just the low ones. Thanks for any info.
Yeah, they're just too loose for my taste. I like them pretty tight, as I hardly ever bend. They buzz more I'm sure because they're looser. I'll check out some of those crazy-thick strings.
Maybe your nut isnt filed properly for the strings you're using? I threw on some super heavy strings for a project I was doing in drop A (I hated that) and I had to file the nut according the the guages. This helped a lot in reducing the buzz. Also, I found that as you change string guage you will need to adjust your truss and intonation accordingly.