I've been looking for a good amp to use with effects pedals recently and i cant find one. I have seen Peavey's bandit series, but a lot of places don't have em in stock
So, can anyone recommend a good amp with budget at about 300 bucks good for playing stuff like rage against the machine.
those are good questions. the heaviest i would go is not an issue cause i can just buy a pedal. i plan on running a digitech rp 250 and boss dd-6 through the loop. i only really plan to use it for home practice, so v50 is a little big. One question, do all the v series have effects loops? cause that would be great if i could get less wattage on that
The v33 and v50 have fx loops.

Honestly TS, you cannot just use a pedal for more gain. Its not going to sound, exactly right. But...
I would still reccomend a Classic 30, has all the specs you need.

What effects are you actually using on the 250?
im only using the whammy function on the rp 250, but i play around with it some times. since im a little broke, i think ill go for the crates, ill have to go and try em out sometime.