Some hard heads took this as discrimination last time, but they failed to get the full story. The video started as a joke for two friends, but we had fun so continued it. If you wanna find some reason for this video, we are making fun of stereotypes. Please watch this as a piece of comedy, not discrimination or some bull like that.



(My bad, I can't make a link. I'm using my grandmother's wireless and she has this thing walled up like West Berlin)
Indie Rock in Spanish. Good idea or not? intelligent feed back would be appreciated.
damn. that was super dumb.
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Thanks, we aim for dumb funny.
Indie Rock in Spanish. Good idea or not? intelligent feed back would be appreciated.
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Wow that was funny. Time to take my roflcopter for a spin.

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you guys have way too much time on your hands
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That was terrible.

Here's a tip: just because you like a certain song does not mean it'll magically fit into a movie/video.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Here's a tip: Don't make a third one. I found it boring and irritating, and although it was supposed to be funny, I couldn't even tell where the jokes were. That's how funny those videos are (thats right, I watched the 2nd one as well. It had to be a fair review, didn't it?
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