hey whats a good setting for distortion on a fender training amp I know its nothing special but its all I have whats a good setting for treble middle and bass
sorry man you need tubes and wattage to get good tone and distortion sound

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Doesn't it sound fuzzy already? Best i could think of is turn up your mids and treble, i leave my bass around 1/2way. As for good OD you probably need a pedal to boost the amp which would be money better spent on a new amp.
hey fatkat - A lot of what makes a 'good distortion sound' is personal taste. In my rig i found that i liked a good amount of mid. Right now i'm sitting at 4oclock for bass, 1oclock for mid, and 2oclock for hi. presence about 2 oclock, and gain to taste. and the louder the better :-)
Play around with it. Because tone is a personal preference. If you don't like the sound you come up, the amp is not for you.

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