Anyone here heard of em? One of the only good bands to ever come out of DE. Good screamo.

Their old stuff is where it's at though. 30,000 lbs and Narratives are great screamo records, although I must admit I haven't heard Stone Age yet. Their earlier stuff was even better, back in like '05. They're locals for me, I've seen em a bunch of times, but I think they've got fans outside of this shithole.
So yea. Discuss this kick ass band.
I've known about these guys for about a half a year now, so good!
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there's another good screamo band from DE, i just forget who ha. But i could never get into My America, i just couldn't still can't. But there older stuff is definitely better from what it sounds. This new song "Brown Concrete" is mixed horribly towards the beginning, the drum tracks are way too loud, or the guitar is soft rather, the bass and vox are mixed fine though. The mix gets better toward the end.
My America is a newish band. Not sure exactly how long they have been together though. I wouldn't really call them screamo, but that is up to interpretation at this point.