I just heard that Wood have NO impact at all when you are using Active pickup, is it truth?

My guitar is LTD F250...
I am wondering should I keep using the passive pickup or rewire it to Active (like EMG81)
will active pickup change a lot?

PS. My amp is Fender Vilto Champ XD
and i want more sustain, and I play rock or metal and i know i should change my amp first, but my budget for my amp is only $300USD.... and this amp i just bought it 1 month ago
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You heard wrong.

QFT, otherwise people would get the cheapest guitars and put EMGs in them
You've got a nice little amp there but it's a million miles away from being "metal" and changing pickups won't make it any closer. You'd be better off buying a solid state amp for heavier tones like a Roland Cube 30X.
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