hey all

I have a pretty Old amp here.. i think it was made when Randall wasn't brought out. anyways. i was wondering if anyone had one or an old Randall. iv heard they have become pretty rare or something?

Problem is with mine is that i get the worst overdrive/distortion out of it.. and im thinking about getting a new amp.

anyways. i was just wondering if anyone here had an Old Randall Amp!

Ibanez RG170 (jade Blue)
randall RG150 hardrock (made in usa)
1x 12” 150w 8 ohms jaguar speaker
Zoom G1X Effects Unit.
yeah, and by bad overdrive and dist does it just sound lifeless, make sure its a tube amp or SS cause if you have a tube, well you need new tubes. if its a SS its probly almost dead and if its "rare" then it could sell as a collectors item or something retarded like that lol.