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19 44%
24 56%
Voters: 43.
Is this thread about the band?
If yes, then yay!
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The band? If it is, look up their thread.

But yay.
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Whatever you think.
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I think so, Brain, but where would we buy rubber pants at this hour?
Yay, fo' sho'.

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Yay. i'm (about to be) wearing one right now!
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Strong yay! I have like 10 of them.
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Nah. Hoodies FTW.
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touche sir.
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The singer's hot, but the cheap sounding synths ruined it for me.

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Not on dudes.
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Cardigans look sloppy,I prefer hoodies.
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I voted yay. I've got a cardigan, methinks they are cool.


I voted yay.... then again, I do have a vajayjay soooo that's probably expected.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
Yay or nay? Where is the 'gay' option because cardigans are pretty gay.

... Yes they like men.

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I don't wear them.

I wouldn't either.
Victorinox call this a cardigan

But I reckon its just a full zip sweater. Nice though.
right now, i'm wearing a button up sweater vest, which are also awesome.
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Victorinox call this a cardigan

But I reckon its just a full zip sweater. Nice though.

That's not a cardigan...

That's a cardigan.

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