Heya guys.
On a days I'm buying an Ibanez RG1570 and I've been thinking about replacing the original pups into something hotter.
And here is my problem: I don't know which one to choose.
All I know is that I want to have bridge pickup sounding not to harsh (like EMGs) but a bit crispy/vintagely and neck pickup should be punchy, fast and accurate.
Should I then get PaF PRos in the bridge and Evos in the neck?
Gettin' better ^_^
Roland Cube 60 but I'm replacing it soon with some tube.
As the guitar comes from USA and is 50% cheaper than the price I would have to pay in my country for it, pickups are simultaineously 50% cheaper aswell so it would be a waste of money in future not to replace it now, when the ocassion is best to do it.
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I think Evos are great for neck, but for bridge I need more rawness.

I'd go with something like Evo for neck and for bridge a Seymour Screamin Demon, Dimarzio Super Distortion - something along those lines.

But yeah, what amp do you have in mind then?
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DiMarzio Breed in the bridge is always a great choice and will be a good match for an Evo in the neck. The Breed is a great pickup, warm and round and deffinetly not harsh or shrill. It can sound pretty aggressive depending on your pick attack, it is pretty dynamic.
I use bridge humbucker for some oldschool riffs mainly so that bit of vintage crisp would be nice.
When it comes to amp I've been thinking about LINE 6 Bogner Spider Valve 112.
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