One thing that keeps bugging me is that peopel keep saying "5150 is cheap, can be bought for 600 USD"

All I know is that, going to craigslist, this is the price:
Granted, it comes with a cab, but not at that price!
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What they mean is something like this: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/msg/836969043.html

The 5150's and 6505's (especially the combos) go for ridiculous prices in the US, they're a lot more expensive everywhere else.

Oh, and you wre looking at the combo AND a cab. Usually it's either the combo, or a head and a cab, both of which would be cheaper than combo and a cab.
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I snagged my combo for $400 about 4 years ago. Deals can be found, just have to not "settle" and haggle like mad.
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That guy selling the combo and cab is on that green stuff the guy in the jordan hat sells outside the canibis cafe.
Be patient, if you have some time just keep looking, things pop up all the time. But in Canada the prices are a little higher, less supply is my guess. Would you get taxed/dutied to all heck if you bought in Seattle?