basically i want to play Drop A# stuff but my strings arent thick enough
what are some thicker strings or strings that would be suitable for playing drop A,

also how do i tune to drop c because i use a roland cube 20x and has an inbuilt tuner, but the tuner has only EADGBE tunings but no F or C, etc

my amp has inbuilt effects, but they aren't very good effects ,
would i need a new amp to use with for pedals or can i just plug in pedals into my current amp, and would a distortion pedal be enough?
also if i were to buy pedals, would there be like a starter package maybe or pedals to start off with, cos i know there are a lot of them but which ones would be good to start off with
im thinking like delay, reverb, flanger, chorus, idk?

look at boss pedals, they're inexpensive (not super cheap), extremely durable, and pretty good. Some basic pedals would be dist, delay and maybe a modulation effect (flanger, phaser or chorus). Also a wah could be used...
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what is your budget?

as for strings, the heavier you can go, the better. i use daddario 11 through 52, though you may need even heavier strings for A# tuning. but watch out because the strings could be thicker than the slots in the nut so you might end up with a dodgy guitar.
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First thing is, buy an electronic tuner. I know nothing about pedals, so I cant help you on that one. The most important thing for you is a tuner!
budget is about $800 usd
with the strings i hear the heavier, the harder to play
also with the pedals
how do i use them at once,
in other words, is there like a powerboard, like with electricity, you can get those powerboards, where you can plug multiple things in and then only goes into one hole

also with my amp, how can i make the distortion better
do i just turn the gain all the way to 10 or what
theres also like overdrive, or do i play with the bass and treble
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First thing is, buy an electronic tuner. I know nothing about pedals, so I cant help you on that one. The most important thing for you is a tuner!

yeh on my amp, i turn it to what string it is, then i keep plucking the string, a red or green light comes on whether or not im on the money, then i keep turning the tuning peg till light becomes green

ive used some of those handheld battery tuners with a microphone but those arent very good and dont have every note for different tunings
Maybe you should play around with the effects you already have to see what ones you like and what ones you don't like before blowing your money away on pedals that you don't seem to know much about. You shouldn't really need more distortion than what already comes with the Cube. If you need more, you probably aren't EQing the amp well.
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yeh theres like bass treble and the other one
but i dont know where to put them and such
theres also metal stack, metal, tube drive and acoustic, in the effects

but i dont know how to use the EQ
a what switch, don't think so there is a switch for switching between clean and lead . My style is mainly metal
Buy a separate tuner and probably a new amp if you don't like your current one, buying pedals for a small practice amp isn't a very good idea.
800$? ok umm im surprised no one has said this, but.... instead of piling a couple 100$ worth of effects on a mediocre amp leave the effects and buy a better amp. for 800$ if you go used you can get a used 5150. youll be WAY happier with the new amp instead of little bells and whistles added to your little amp. thats what i would do for sure.
About strings...A# so thats Bb right. I used 56-13 for B. hmm what brand of strings do you prefer and do they make guages of 56, or even 60. and like ledzepplin dude said. Your strings can get too wide for the nut so when you pick the strings you think would be the right guage, get the nuts widened and get the gutiar set up for strings that thick.
ok and...last topic. DROP C! YAY. Thats what i tune to. A little electric tuner is like 15-20$ it wont kill you to dish out 20$ for something that will help you forever. My tuner is a tuner and metronome. If you got an extra 10 bucks laying around id suggest it. Its by korg.

ok so theres all i gotta say about this. If you need anymore help message me. good luck man.
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For drop-A#, 12-60 or something should do the job
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a what switch, don't think so there is a switch for switching between clean and lead . My style is mainly metal

ok for ur eq is it bass, treble and contour?
and for a tuner just buy a fender pt-100 i think there called you can get one for 45.00 at music123 or musiciansfriend. i own one and its great. and for ur efects get a line 6 uber metal disortion. or like a boss. and if you want get a amp there are some nice tube crate for clearence at music123 and musiciansfriend for 150 and 200. and those are nice. and for the strings i really dont know i just use D'addario.
my eq is bass middle and treble
also how can i plug multiple pedals into my amp
cos my amp only has like a few inputs
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also with those tuners, is there a C or F on it, like for drop b or C

yea it can do drop d,a,c,b,f,for anything because its Chromatic. its not as good as the boss but its half the price and thats why i bought it. i will send you a email with a pic that will show you how to hook up the efects