Can anyone confirm for me if the 1996 Korean Squier Stratocaster's are routed for Humbuckers in the bridge position? According to my serial number, this stratocaster was made by Cor-Tek or something. I've lifted up my pickguard a tiny bit and from what I can see, there is room for a humbucker, but then again, I might just be blind.

Sorry for the random noob questions popping up. =]
As far as i'm aware, there should be enough space for a humbucker, you should try removing fully the pickguard to have a look
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It'll most likley has a HSH routing job or whatever. So, if you really want, you can have 2 humbuckers in there.
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could be swimming pool routed, take of the pick guard and check
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a lot of cheaper guitars are swimming pool routed
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