so yeah just wondering if anybody has underoaths act of depression that they would be willing to sell or cries of the past
i have paypal
live in norwich england
so yeah anybody wishing to sell
pm me
Both are amazing albums!

But good luck with that. I've checked all over the place for years - with no luck. No where sold them online, and no one was willing to part with either of them - no wonder. Had to settle for torrents.

Also wrong forum.
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You, my friend, win in epic proportions

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Man... now I gotta clean my laptop screen.

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^That has too much win for me to handle....
I think I need a glass of water and a nap.

what forum should it be in?
gear ads?
i thought metal because especially around the time of act of depression it was a more metal sound
like deathcore/death metal
so i guessed metal forum?
Mmm. It'd be safer to do this in the hardcore forum. Look up the Underoath thread, and post something in there like "looking to buy said CD, pm me" just to be safe.
wrong forum, wrong genre, pretty much, wrong everything.
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