lately my friend's farts havent been smelling very good.. theyve degenearated over time so im just wondering if theres anything that can make farts smell much nice, like edible deaoderant?
Shove a cinnamon bun up his arse.

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lately my friend's farts havent been smelling very good..

I know this is probably joke but...

So do farts usually smell good....? I didn't think so.
ahh, look anything to solve the problem really. like, farting comes naturally and is part of a human bodily function therefore a forumal must be created or something to make it a more pleasant experience.

i mean, if this farting problem continues, i may have to terminate our friendship because i can only be polite when a shitty fart comes along for so long...
I dunno what his problem is, my farts smeel like roses usually. I thought that was normal.
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Nah, they actually used to smell good, like perhaps an innocent sandwich. but now hes leaning more towards the silent and deadly ones, like ninja assasins.
try not putting your head up his arse so much
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Making them smell nice? Some heavy laxative mints will do the trick

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get a hose pipe and a gas mask, shove the hose pipe up is arse and the other end to where youd attach the filter on the mask


he will have to inhale every bit of fart

and probably die
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