hey, im willing to buy this guitar, but i'm still confused about it,

i will need your opinion on this guitar's specs ;

is it light or heavy?

is the fret board fast?

does it sound good?

(i dont know WTF is a floyd rose, so can somebody explain to me whats a floyd rose?
Floyd Rose is a tremolo system (the bit with the bar that you can yank up or down), which is awesome.
It is not awesome if you want to change your tuning sometimes. It will mess it up, you may even need more springs for the bridge if you use thicker strings...
I never played it, but the materials are nice and original FR... woohoo. ^^
You should try it in a shop!
It is a good guitar with some nice specks (blackouts ftw)

but I think it is quite heavey with a chunkyish neck.
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my problem is, im from indonesia, and there are no such thing as this model in indonesia, o i have to order it online and i cant try it, so i really do believe in you guys to tell me about this guitar.

thanks for the comments,

does anyone know how it weighs?

and is the fretboard fast?