Nirvana are one of my favorite bands, and since i've been playing the guitar i've learned to play a lot of their songs. but there's something about their sound that keeps buzzing in my head all the time and i want to get it straight once and for all. (hope you can help me with that) The intros of musics such as smells like teen spirit, drain you or rape me, are played with a clean guitar sound, but that's what i can't understand. Althought everybody says it is clean sound, every time i listen to these intros songs i feel there is some kinda slight distortion in the sound. Why would that be?? Is it because of the amplifier they used?? Please help me.
if u want something simular get a marshall amp and a boss ds2 distortion and big muff fuzz, if u want a true sound get a fender mustang, marshall amp, boss ds2 distortion and big muff fuzz
first off, be original.
if you want the whole 'grunge' sound just use cheap amps w/distortion. if you want slight distortion turn the gain down and the volume (and possible bass) up.
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well a cranked tube amps not gonna stay completely clean especially with the hard strumming found in those two songs
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ok thank you. tell me one more thing, i have a roland micro cube amp, so do you think if i turn the amp type to classic stack, then turn the gain down and adjust the pickups correctly, it would be the best way to achieve that sound??
your never gonna sound EXACTLY like how the song goes, theres thousands of diferent things that couldve happend for it to get the sound it did, it could of been humid outside, a vacum could have been running, a ghost mite have been sitting on the recorder at the time, it never ends i swear
lots of distortion.

then some more distortion.
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^Alternatively you could read the first post, THEN post. He's looking for a Nirvana-Esque clean tone.

I'd mess with your EQ to try and get Kurts clean tone, boost treble and Mids to 7 or 8 and Bass to 5 or 6, add a little bit of reverb. He recorded most of his Nevermind clean tones using a Vox AC15, Idk if the cube has an amp model that emulates that. His clean tone isn't exactly distorted, he just boosted the EQ a bit to get more of an excited tone out of the clan channel.

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I find that if you use a lot of treble, you can get that kind of clean tone. What guitar do you use? Kurt used a Fender, which have distinct clean tones so maybe you should try something like that.