Hi guys
Getting a Fender Stratocaster soon just with the fender pickups, and the first thing I'm doing is ripping them out, and putting in some DiMarzio's. I have no idea what kind I want to put in them. I have never modded any of my guitars before and I just want some advice. I was leaning towards just getting 3 YJM's. If anyone has any suggestions, or if you have them and the sound is good, leave a message to try and help me haha. Thanks.
Why? Do you know for sure you won't like the sound of it? If so, why buy it?
You should play it before thinking of changing the pups
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You should play it before thinking of changing the pups

try it first. tweak your amp to get the tone you want.
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nobody can advise you on pickups if you don't currently known what it is you want to change about your tone, and there's no way you can do that until you have the guitar.

Besides, there's nothing wrong with Fender stocks - sounds like you just want to change pickups because you've heard it's a cool thing to do.
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well steven, with the why i want to get a set of pickups, is i wanted to sound like Yngwie Malmsteen. I also wanted some feedback from people who have them haha. but, i have decided to try your ideas and when i get my strat in about a week ill just leave the stock ones in and see how they go. thanks guys.
You won't sound like him just because you have pickups named after him. If that's the reason you want them then it's a waste of money