I have penned down some lyrics.

I need your help...... what chords must i play for these?

I am going to tell my friend how much i love her through this song

"Everywhere I go,
I think of her.....
Every second she's on my mind......

I don't mind spending everyday, on her beck and call..........

I'll keep her happy all the while.....

But will she ever be mine?"

PLEASE help me with the chords and if you have a few lines to add or edit please post 'em

Please read the rules here (found at the top of this forum) before you repost this.

We're not here to help you finish your song or pick the chords for you, we'll teach you how to do it for yourself, otherwise we all own a small piece of the work your giving your friend, thus we would all own a small part of her.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.