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I have decided to get a Fender Highway One Jazz Bass, and I was wondering where online to purchase it from.

I know it's best not to purchase online but that really isn't an option for me as there are no big music stores in my area and I can't travel to any bigger stores.

The sites I have looked at to buy it from are GAK, soundslive, and Reidys. (I looked at Dolphin music, but they only sell sunburst, and I want it in red, and Thomann is £100 more expensive so that's out of the question.)

I was wondering which site would be be best to purchase from, as Reidys is £20 cheaper, but I've never heard of it and I'm worried the bass might not be in as good a condition, so any recommendations would be great.

I got my American Jazz from GAK, no problems at all.
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What he said, If it's cheaper on GAK though then use GAK, but Thomann is amazing.

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be careful with gak they very rarely update their stock list so check they have it before you order also this thread should really be in the bass forum
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I tend to deal with the GAK shop itself by phone to check the stock.

But gak or tholman
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Hey, nice choice in the Highway One by the way, haha. Got myself the P-Bass one.

I got mine from a local shop, and I've never used those sites. Sorry.

Also this should probably be in the Bass forum.
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Thanks for the help, I wasn't sure which forum to put it in as it was mainly about the buying online rather than the bass, and most of the other threads on this topic were in the pit.

I've e-mailed GAK, and if they haven't replied by this time tomorrow I shall call them.

P.S Would there be any point of deleting this and re-posting in the bass forum now?