well recently i had a problem when i'm trying new guitars at the shop (i'm a beginner who doesnt know a lot of songs) so whenever i'm trying guitar, i always play some beast harlot riff or plug in baby from muse..

I realize it's isn't catchy, and neither of those could tell me whether the guitar is good or not,, so.. are there such things as songs that you can play to show off, and to know whether the sound is good or not..??

PS: i'm really a beginner
You don't have to show off you know, that's just gonna make people seem like you're a dick. Just play whatever you want to play.
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well i usually do improv soloing, with a lotta pinch harmonics, and tapping.
i do eruptiion too(which is basically all thosethings i just sed)

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That oughta do it.

Time for a supercool guitar demonstration by herman li,

Herman Li- why is this guitar so big?

Stage guy- because its a bass herman

Whenever I'm in a guitar shop I play most obnoxious, out of tune, disgusting riff I can think of. Thats right, I play some Nickelback lol Seriously though, when I'm in a guitar shop no one is there to show off or watch people show off. Your only trying out the guitar for yourself, just to see how it plays, play what you'd normally play
whenever i'm trying out a new axe, i like to just play random licks, most of them i come up with on the spot, but then i always try to try playing a hardcore song and a slower, more acoustic-y song, seeing as thiose are the two genres i play most
the intor to roses for the dead, it looks great but is frighteningly easy, or thunderstruck intro byt ACDC
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

Rate my playing skills please.
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lol it was only when there was this one jerk, who was probably like 45, playing i belive an ibanez prestige through a carvin amp, and he was just soling away in this way that madeu angry. there was no feel or melody to his playing.
so i got mad and started doing the same thing he did except WITH feel
Learn a few scales and some chords, and maybe the main riff of a song in the main style of music you want the guitar/amp for. That's the best way to test a guitar.

The trick is to not give a toss what anyone else thinks. You want the guitar, you know how you want it to sound, you have license to do whatever you want on it to see if it'll suit your needs.
forgot to mention.. i currently like to hear Lamb of god, As i lay dying, and emo songs, but most Log though,, that's the problem, i don't really know what to play, and yes, i'm here for 3 years, but i just happen to focus on guitar some months ago..

hard songs are too hard, and easy songs can't really push the edge of the axe.. it's not just to show off really..
It doesn't really matter too much. Usually I'll just play some Ozzy Osbourne solo for a while, then somehow segue into something random...by the way, store owners think it's annoying when you play "Eruption"...
stairway to heaven (unless it's banned) LOL

nah, I usually just play some blues improv and a couple of modern prog/melodic rock tracks cause I play a lot of that
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Learn a few scales and some chords, and maybe the main riff of a song in the main style of music you want the guitar/amp for. That's the best way to test a guitar.

+1. TS, I'm not sure what you mean by "push the edge of the axe", it's a piece of wood not a marathon runner. Depending on what you do, you want to make sure the guitar is comfortable. I usually play the acoustic "Layla" to test how it feels with chords, sweeping of course, and some random bending to see how it handles all that. Maybe some Metallica riffs to see how the lower frets feel. (sometimes my hand feels a bit strained when dealing with the first 4 frets.)

Test it out for your needs, make sure you test every pick-up and mess with the tone knob to see how responsive they are, that's really all you can do.

Edit: another thing is to always check on fret access for the upper frets.
so are there any catchy songs i could try to test whether the guitar is a match for my fingers or not? for high notes and low notes ?

and hmm.. what's the procedure when you try the axe out? you pick one from the stand... and.......... (answer this one)
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the intor to roses for the dead, it looks great but is frighteningly easy

This. I used to play it in my old band, so easy but it impresses people (not that you need to do that whilst testing a guitar).
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