Will critque music later.
But something I noticed when I downloaded the file is that song 10 is corrupted.
And the Folder the music was placed in would be far better as the name of your band, instead of "New Folder"

always great to see people offering free music
Beware : I am honest, but not brutal
Song 10 is corrupted? Hmm. Seems fine on mine. Odd. Thanks for pointing that out.

I just noticed that I put in the unmixed version of Track 14 inside. The vocals are way too soft and the volume for the tracks weren't adjusted. Lol. Geez, what am I doing?

Yeah, true. I'm not in a band though. Guess I should have put it like 'My name - album name'

EDIT: I just tried playing song 10 directly from my packed version. Seems fine.