So I found this table fan with one of the three blades missing. It works, but because one blade is missing, it isn't able to start rotating at high speeds.

What can I do to it? Figured I could make an interesting sex/sado machine/toy out of it?

I need ideas, pit!
Well... if its sado your after. Just get it going then stick your penis in it.
Step 1: Affix the fan to the table
step 2: tie each and every one of your pubic hairs to the one blade
step 3: turn the fan on
step 4: report back
step 5: ???
step 6: Profit!
For those who care.
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Make a particle accelerator out of it and create a micro black hole. Sorry, thats the best I can do...............
turn on the fan, get some crayons and paint the little circle in the middle that spins.
Fix it and then blow your load into it.
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