This may be a stupid question, but I'm trying to tune to:


I can do basic tuning by ear, but for the most part I prefer to use an electric tuner.

The issue I'm having is my tuner doesn't show "F" how do I get there?

The electro tuner say you get E, then tune it until the E is alway to the sharp side, i think that tunes it to F, but all tuners are different.
press the flat button twice* on your tuner

gbb is f i believe, if i'm thinking that's what the feature is for the korg tuner i'm thinking of. i don't actually own one. i just borrow my room mates n stuff.
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Right, all you want to do, is tune the second fret of each string to what it should be open. For instance, tune the F# on low E to an E, so then when you just play it open, it's a D. Repeat for all the strings. It's the way I do it when I need to tune down.
Well, assuming you have tuned your D string down to a C, play it at the 5th fret. That note is an F, tune the G string down to match its pitch.