if you mean the horns, it was ronnie james dio from dio and black sabbath fame.....and rainbow
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i think he means pentagram
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Quote by bizkitday4eva
if you mean the horns, it was ronnie james dio from dio and black sabbath fame.....and rainbow

i mean like the star
I was under the impression it was Gene Simmons. I heard a story on tv that he wanted to wave to the audiance but didn't want to drop his pick... so he made his hand into that shape .. the audiance reacted by doing the same, 'making the devil horns'.

EDIT: Woops... Yeah I don't know the answer to your question.
and i sit and wonder, falling under .
It was dio he said his grandmother did that or something and he did it on stage
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oh well anyways i was wrong about the horns that was john lennon lol... i looked it up. However im not sure about the first band to use the pentagram.
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he means pentagram and that was Venom...black metal was first started and named after their album "Black Metal" they were a first to take a a darker approach to metal.
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