I really enjoy playing Dire Strait's stuff, but my Marshall MG amp is not great at this and just buzzes all the time

In my Dire Straits tab books, it is written that Knopfler used a Fender amp for his recording most of the time. So, what amp could this be?

To sum up, I am looking for a Fender amp that Knopfler would have used in the studio during the late 70's-early 80's. Any idea?
It is not really confirmed what amp Knopfler played on those early CDs but Fender is very likely.
The brown Vibrolux originally belonged to John Illsley and was definitely used around that time (before album one and on the first club gigs after it), the Twin Reverb was used on stage from mid 78 on, the Jazz Chorus probably belonged to the studio.

On Communique they borrowed amps from Robert Palmer who lived near the studio (probably Fenders as well)

Generally any Fender 70ies style amp is great for this sound, no matter if it is a Twin, Pro, Deluxe, Vibrolux etc.

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