My favorite band that no one on this board seems to like and that I will assume my superior position in taste upon - hold on, getting coffee - that I will push to the edge of the Earths, and then a little more has, this past Tuesday, the 9th, released its third full length album entitled Entanglements.

The last Parenthetical Girls thread that I posted, was, well simply put, a failure. It was more than a year ago, almost two? that I started it, and it hardly got past page two: tragic. Did no one like them? Was it his voice? What could it be? Well, I'm not satisfied with any of all that, and I am overjoyed at the album itself, so why not make another attempt?

Primary reaction: This album has a big orchestra dominated feel, I'll be proved right by the third track. It is a very different feel for the Girls, but they're doing it well. It is engaging in an entirely different way and it still sounds like them, but happier, more sophisticated and elegant and expressive than their previous albums Safe As Houses - I found it in LA, and (((GRRRLS))) which I found in Berkeley. I found this staple in my own county, hurray!

Secondary reaction: Zac Pennington is starting to sound like Devendra Banhart to me. That vibratto! I found that a big difference I noticed at first was that the lyrics weren't the main focus of each song for me. Whereas I liked that about the first two albums, this is an interesting change, an intriguing angle at which to look. I'm seeing now that the lyrics are still the same somber solace that I've come to take comfort in the shelter of Houses. The lyrics, seem to be religious at points, which I personally love because Pennington can really write a tune and make any feeling take form in words. I was so overwhelmed by different sounds from one of the best orchestras I've heard in a while - at least on an album. Oh geez, I'm back on the primary reaction. I've got a crush on the Girls, or this album is just that good!!!!

Oh I'm in love with the different trips that this music takes you, it really is amazing, I've not heard much like it, or anything that was this sonorously unique. I'm really recommending it. Favorite song so far: Young Eucharists. OH gosh. The electronic part is just amazing! It seems to secretly speak to me "This is how good we are at our old stuff now, so we are doing this orchestra stuff, but this is a treat"

The lyrics, as I keep listening (my 6th time since Friday) are becoming more apparent, and the imagery for this album is becoming more cohesive and beautiful. I really am in love with this album. In this insert, the Parenthetical Girls (a nebulous of darling musicians) quote Franz Kafka: "There is hope, but not for us." And the Girls dead-aim accurate ability to transform that mood to music through a juxtaposition of orchestra magic, and tragic lyrics.

Enjoy, kiddies, I hope you love it like I.


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Yo brah, I have fucking loved Parenthetical Girls. There was like a two month period where that was the only band I listened to, which says a lot if the very most I usually listen to a band/album is a week.

And wow, so I just checked, and I've had this album since mid August, and only listened to it once since then.
Ouch, I just forgot about it haha.
Tight review though dude. Once I finally get around to digesting it, I'll hit this up again.
i've only heard good things about them and especially the new album. i will look into it.
why did i think they had something to do with Glenn Branca?

i like the guys voice, but the music itself doesn't appeal to me right now.
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Quote by uhh_me?
i've only heard good things about them and especially the new album. i will look into it.

I have also heard this on good authority.
I was crying, you were laughing.
Hit in the face, blood on the snow.
We were never happier.
Just looked them up, and I am absolutely in love with 'The Windmills of Your Mind'.
Dang that boy has vocals.
Some of their other songs I can't really get into. But I am certainly loving their individuality.
Love the strings too, you can tell they're actually good musicians.

a song song song bout how to sing
a song song song about everything