I play the electric guitar and for quite a while now I've been using Ernie Ball Regular Slinky's. They've been working fine and not breaking as regularly as the set of super slinky's that I once tried. However, other than that I haven't really experimented using any other brands. I'm not much of an experienced player so some advice on whether this is a good brand of strings to continue on (I'm goin to purchase a bulk pack of some soon) would be great. I will be using that strings for standard and dropped D tuning.
Many thanks
well id say u want hybrid strings, 9-46 or 10 gauge. Everyone prefers different brands, but check out elixirs, d'addario, DR (more expensive than most non coated strings but lasts longer), rotosound, GHS. You just got to try before you know really...! Definately give d'addario a try though, them and earnies are the two big names around really. I wouldnt buy a bulk pack but buy quite a few different makes and make your mind up before buying a 10 pack or w/e
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Get teh 12 gage strings!!!!
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