^Anchoring your wrist isn't a technique you really want to try to get into.

Try picking from your wrist more instead of your elbow, you look really tense at the rhythm section, and work on your vibrato during the single notes.
Use some vibrato for god's sake man.
Just keep on practicing and someday you will get it.
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Thanks for the information guys, I'll use more vibrato next time on the beginning notes and try to pick more with my wrist which is pretty hard cause I automaticly use my whole arm.
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I think your intonation/Tuning was a bit off. First part sounded wierd. it was played pretty good though. As said before, dont be so tense during the rythm Once you get it down, itll become a lot easier. Good job overall, and good luck with the sweeping

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Yea, I think the first notes are weird too.
Next time I'll use more vibrato and getting the rythm of it is pretty hard for me to cause its sort of new to me.