I've searched ultimate guitar for everything under the Toneport UX1, but I seem to be as confused as ever about even the basics of this thing. The only audible thing I've heard out of it is by monitoring it through my amp. I still have no clue how to record anything with it, but I'll find out about that later.

What I need now is how to hear or monitor my guitar playing through my laptop speakers, if that is even possible. Seems like some people say it is, though I don't really know how. I've set my soundcard playback and recording to the Toneport, but I'm not really sure where to go from there. I've tried all the outputs and inputs on the toneport, but nothing works.

Any help please?
i just plugged a dual male 1/4" cable into the headphone output in the toneport and laptop. easy
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I wasn't aware that most computers have any place for a 1/4''? I plugged a a 1/4'' into the toneport's headphone output and then used a jack to convert the 1/4'' into a normal headphone/earphone size, (whatever that is), but this didn't work.
Some sound cards will let you enable your stock sound card to do playback while using the toneport as the input for recording however you get latency doing this.

I however could not get this to work at all and other have problems with the interface when running it while their stock card is still enabled.

I highly suggest setting the Toneport for your recording and playback.
Basically the Toneport is an interface and an interface is a high end sound card made to record.
You use software as an amp and FX (gearbox) and can also run your hardware (FX pedals) into the toneport.

Think of the toneport as a multi FX desktop mount device...but it is also a sound card.
Well, I forget to say that I DID disable my soundcard and changed the playback and recording to the TonePort, but this still didn't work. However, on searching on the line6 support forums, it seems while it's POSSIBLE to monitor through laptop speakers, the sound is really bad and there is a lot of latency, so I'll probably just use headphones or something.

Thanks anyway.
Leave the playback as your soundcard, the output should be coming from your soundcard.....not the toneport. Plug speakers or headphones into the bit which says "phones" and start up gearbox software, that's it...